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Being your Self

Success in life depends on our relationships with others, and this depends on our relationship with our self.

Our interactions with others lies at the basis of our success in life, both professional and personal. Our relation with others is closely related to our relation with our self. What is TM? Being yourself describes how only the experience of transcending is the true experience of being our self, and the more we experience this, the more we will remain our self, even outside of meditation while in activity.

Psychological tests are able to measure how successfully individuals can remain themselves despite outer distractions. More than twenty scientific research studies confirm the influence of the Transcendental Meditation technique on this state of inner stability. By taking the average effect of these studies, scientists are able to create a very reliable image about the exceptional effects of the TM technique, which are three to four times bigger than the effect of any other meditation or relaxation technique ever researched. For more information about the research, see self-actualisation (being yourself) 

Someone who is always able to remain oneself will not be overshadowed by problems or difficulties. He or she will remain calm in any situation, will be less stressed, will find less arguments, and will find a creative solution to problems more quickly. Everyone has experienced problems that seem impossible to overcome when tired or stressed. But the next day, after a good night’s sleep, a relatively simple solution may occur for that same problem. Stress blocks creativity; being yourself opens up creative channels.

Being yourself has been linked to increased self-assurance. This results in feeling less vulnerable, and starting less conflicts. Being yourself has also been linked to self-confidence, self-acceptance, less self-criticism, ethical thinking, and improving the environment, all of which have a positive influence on relationships.

Dozens of TM studies have confirmed how both personal and professional relationships improve when people regularly experience being themselves. These various studies can be found in the main menu under “Being yourself”

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